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Weddings is where we started and something we are still passionate about till this day. With our wedding band, What you see at our showcases is what you're getting. E.N.E.R.G.Y & real musicians who love playing the music we play, together.


Why Daft Pop for your wedding?

It's simple! It's

Your wedding, Your Way


You know us. You've seen us

The people you meet at wedding shows, Club shows, online. That's Us, when you book us for your wedding, you are guaranteed the Daft pop wedding band & experience. There will NOT be two out playing two weddings in a night.

Your wedding. Your way

Any of our brides and grooms will tell you. From start to finish what you're getting is a completely unique experience tailored to you and your guests The Daft Pop Way.  From your first email you have our team behind the scenes full attention. And we Always try go above and beyond to bring your dream day to life.

Wedding Band Stage
Front shot 2.png

A set up to suit your venue

From the moment you let us know your venue, we are already planning ahead logistically to try bring you the biggest best version of our show we can. Sometimes venue sizes or regulations won't allow us to go as big as we would like. But trust us when we say there's no "It'll do" happening here. 


When you book through us. You have the potential to sort out your entire day's entertainment through us in one go. From the moment you walk down the aisle to ceremony music you've always dreamt of. To a Dj set that takes the day to it's crescendo. We make it a day you and your guests will never forget.

C (2).png

Your entire day's entertainment could be

This good and This easy!

LIVE Videos ! (5).png

The Band

Daft Pop Logo (With Smoke).png

THE ultimate throwback event band.

5 piece band where every member sings!

The light up drum kit, custom designed lighting, Custom made equipment. There's nothing like it!



Add Sax & Trumpet for that full, blow the roof off experience! Turn the band into a 7 piece that takes your evening beyond magical!


Your special special day deserves it's own soundtrack.

By booking your Ceremony and reception music with us, that is exactly what you're doing.

With acoustic music from our Leanne Manning Music, you tailor every piece of music in your ceremony. 


A wedding is a special occasion for you and all the people you love. With reception music from Leanne Manning Music, we bring your guests together. Old friends & new, with a setlist that caters to all ages of your wedding party.

We buy you all the time you & your photographer need to capture the day between your ceremony and reception.


THE Daft Pop Dj

Tie up that day! The Daft Pop Dj is essentially an extension of the band playing all your nostalgic hits.


this is where the special sauce comes in. Now is when your guests are hit with the Classics, (When they're least expecting it) All requests are welcome and will be played at a suitable time in the set.

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