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This is a similar version of the band to our wedding choice,

but with a couple of important tweaks.

So Why Daft Pop for your corporate event?

With almost a collective century worth of experience. We know how to transform that event into a special experience. We lean into the shared nostalgia in our set that lets people just be people, together.

The personal touch

Sometimes what works for one audience, does not work for all audiences. This is something we have come across and learnt from over the years across different countries. We tailor our set to the audience we will be performing to & the country we are performing in.

An unforgettable experience

With the current corporate world undergoing the shift it is, team cohesian is something we have noticed the importance of. Now, more than ever, team events and general company moral are more important than ever. We have a wealth of experience bringing colleagues & teams together no matter the cultural differences are & re charging group energy.

Front shot 2.png

Dynamic & Flexible

The band lineup are predominantly the same. But depending on the set we're putting together for your event, we might use an additional singer or two. This allows us to expand the set and sometimes incorporate more region specific hits to really catch the crowd off guard.


With the nature of corporate events, our usual backline (Light up drum kit etc) might not always be available. And an in house AV system will probably be used depending on location and venue set ups. Because of this, we have formatted our tech requirements to allow for a modular integrating with almost Any AV spec. This allows us to make the most of all lighting and AV possibilities on the day. This really is the cherry on top of the performance lifts this band to another level.

Some of our Clients


Your entire day's entertainment could be

This good and This easy!

LIVE Videos ! (5).png

The Band

Daft Pop Logo (With Smoke).png

THE ultimate throwback event band.

5 piece band where every member sings!

The light up drum kit, custom designed lighting, Custom made equipment. There's nothing like it!



Add Sax & Trumpet for that full, blow the roof off experience! Turn the band into a 7 piece that takes your evening beyond magical!

Acoustic Music

No matter the event, The Daft Pop Duo (Or Trio) cater to your crowd. Depending on the atmosphere, your choice's range from an acoustic guitar & Singer Duo, trio or stripped back four piece lounge set playing a Daft Pop set, with a much more laid back feel (Or Not!).

THE Daft Pop Dj

Tie up that day! The Daft Pop Dj is essentially an extension of the band playing all your nostalgic hits.


this is where the special sauce comes in. Now is when your guests are hit with the Classics, (When they're least expecting it) All requests are welcome and will be played at a suitable time in the set.

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